It is very common for most men to fall in love with escorts after their first encounter with them. It could be the way she treats you or how dominative she can be in bed or it could be because of her sexy body. Whichever the reason, you are not the first man to fall for an escort but the only problem is that she may not have fallen for you and this can be frustrating.

You need to understand that being with you is part of the services that they are supposed to offer you. With most escort agencies such as Escort 92, there are strict rules that forbid them from getting into any type of relationship with the various clients that they meet.  They are very specific in giving you company only for the agreed time and within that period, they will give you all the attention you need.

After your session with them is over, you will now become strangers.  Although maybe very weird for you, this is something that escorts easily manage as they are used to that. Although there are times that you may see as if the escort has fallen for you, in most cases their feelings may not be that true as they often fake their emotions to please you.  But you can always make an escort fall in love with you by creating a good impression on her and you may become one of her favorite clients and she will always avail herself for you

  1. Be on time

All women desire to have gentlemen in their life and an escort is not an exception. She also needs to see a man who can treat her the way she deserves without being judgmental because of the job she does.  Always try to dress smartly for your date and make sure you arrive on time.  Better still, you can try to arrive some few minutes early before she does so that she doesn’t have to be the one waiting for you.

As an escort, she is working on a given schedule and hence you ought to respect her schedule and time.  Additionally, never ask her to stay overtime as she may not like it and always let her decide the time, she will be leaving even though you may have arrived late. If you ask her to stay and she agrees, always pay her according to the rate you agreed and never try to bargain.

  1. Do not struggle to perform

The primary reason why you hired an escort service is to get all the pleasure you want and therefore you do not need to be stress about impressing her. Always try to sit back and relax during the time that you will be with her and let her take control of things. Escorts know what men want and it is easy for her to implement all those things so as to impress you.  And always try to review her by telling herwhat you enjoyed most with her and you can also give her a tip.